ISDC® 2019 Oral Presentation Submission Form

If your team would like to deliver an oral presentation on your NSS/NASA Space Settlement Contest project to conference participants and experts in the space industry, please continue to fill out this section of the form. All teams or individual entrants wishing to give an oral presentation at the ISDC must submit a video of their team (or individual) giving the presentation in the manner that they would present their project at the conference. If selected, you will be given feedback in order to improve your presentation and you will be assigned a 10-minute presentation slot. All presentations may be shorter than, but no longer than 10-minutes in length and there will be no question and answer period after the talk. It is advised that the presenters state that if anyone has any questions, the team will be happy to answer questions at the poster session at xxx time. For the purposes of qualifying to give a presentation, the submitted video presentation may be up to 13 minutes in length. However, the actual presentation will be limited to a length of 10 minutes, and shall be in either a Powerpoint or PDF format. It is recommended that the submitted presentation video show the entire team and the slides from a distance. The slides must be easily readable. Videos and animations may also be embedded in the presentation. It is assumed that the submitted video is not your final presentation and that you will most likely be making improvements on it and enhancing the presentation based on judging comments. RULES: Applications and video submissions must be received by May 10, 2019. You MUST record your presentation so it can be watched and considered for selection. Once the video is recorded, edit and upload it to an online site that allows public viewing access permissions or downloadable capability. Paste the viewable link in this application. If your application video is longer than 13-minutes or not viewable to our judges, the submission will be disqualified from this application process for 2019. Your video will be judged as if it were your actual presentation for ISDC. You should put a respective amount of effort and planning into the video's preparation. Selected space settlement student teams will be assigned their presentation day and time during the conference.
If you do not understand the submission requirements, please contact us at [email protected]